about page

Hi folks. Although my web stuff has been hosted on at least three different servers, I've had some sort of web presence since around 2001 when I found Wil Wheaton's web site via a link on Slashdot.

I maintain this site by hand, coding html or php in emacs (and it shows--ha!). Since this site was created, most of the stuff has been in php. However, at some point I'm probably going to move to perl, as my php skills dwindle from lack of use, but my perl-fu gets stronger by the day (I use perl a lot at work).

If you don't like the design or some of the content (who could blame you), take heart; it's probably because I'm too busy saving the world (or working on my 1972 VW) to code or maintain it properly.

The site is hosted on a machine running Debian GNU/Linux. The web server is apache with modules for php. File editing by emacs.