Linking Policy Page

All content on this site, including the site design, text content, and images, are (c) 2002-2012 by Craig Steffen. All rights reserved unless specifically stated otherwise on that page.

Please feel free to link to any page on this site, including to individual blog posts. Basically anything that's a directory name or a file that ends in .php or .html (or .pl if/when I start running things her using perl scripts).

Do NOT link directly to images on this site. That's just irritating and rude. If you want to point people to an image, link to the page it's on. I could play all kind of weird games with scripting to try to prevent image linking, but I'm not going to spend the effort. However, if I notice that one of my images has been embedded in someone else's page with no credit, I'm not above replacing that image with something incredibly rude and offensive.