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now that I have your attention...

2005 July 24 05:31

Hmm...that post went well. I've learned from Neil that blogger can eat posts from time to time, and so since I'm dialing in over rather slow connection, I wanted to make sure that a post would go up at all before writing a long one.

The drive up was uneventful. I got after twilight had fallen; I wish I'd had just another half hour. Oh well, I'm steadily improving, last year it was totally dark. Next year I'll be here in daylight and all will be well.

I also got a camping site much closer this year (the main reason I came two days before the convention officially starts). Last year (my first year at Oshkosh) I had a spot on 15th street in Camp Scholler. This year I'm on 37th and Lindbergh. I measured it with the GPS; this year I'm .4 miles to the east, which means that much less far to walk to the convention.

My spot this year is pretty good, but getting seriously better is probably going to involve more time and expense. You see, Scholler opens its doors at the beginning of July. That's 4 weeks before the convention. You pay for your camp site from when you get the ticket up through the end of the convention. You don't have to physically occupy the space, your sticker and some demarkation of what is your camping spot have to both be there. So lots of people come weeks in advance, buy a camping sticker, and put it and stakes with rope around an empty patch of ground and then go home. They're paying per day to keep it, but when they get here, they have a great spot. Which is an interesting (and expensive) idea, but I don't know that I'd bother for myself. I suppose one way to look at it would be to calculate the cost of a good hotel room in the area and calculate how far ahead of time you could go and spend just that amount of money.

There are planned to be some VIP aircraft arrivals on Monday afternoon. It's been uncharacteristically cool and windy here this evening. I like the cool weather, but I hope the storms don't mess up people arriving.

Well, as long as blogger keeps working, I'll try to keep people informed. Reporting live from the Airventure site, signing off.

the bananna plantation

2005 July 24 05:18

I'm at Oshkosh this week. If you like airplanes, it's the greatest show on earth (or at least way up there).

I'm blogging from 37th and Lindbergh, at Camp Scholler on the Oshkosh site. My home for the next seven days:

(if this post goes up Ok, I'll write more).

...Just impacted on the surface...

2005 July 19 07:44

I did finally get my huge backlog of photos off-loaded from the various Memory Sticks onto my desktop, but I didn't get a DVD-R burned. I want to put up some photos and stuff before I go to Oshkosh, but time is running short. Hopefully tonight.

While tracking down an urban legend, I ran across a speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford's graduation this spring. It's pretty good as far as graduation speeches go; short, but very memorable.

high fidelity

2005 July 06 22:35

I've been remiss about posting (again). There are photos that I want to post, but I haven't gotten them off the camera, because I haven't backed up the photos that are on the various computers in the house. So instead, I've posted nothing.

A couple of nifty links, though. I ran across an awesome article on wikipedia on records (musical, not sports). I've always pretty much been a digital recording advocate; I grew up listening to vinyl but CDs are pretty much what I've purchased music on. However, there's a scene in Laura Croft: Tomb Raider where Laura puts on a record to exercise to; the record player is a very expensive one known as a ClearAudio Master Reference turntable. After seeing the movie, I managed to find what turntable they'd used by searching the web. I never good get a good answer to how much one costs, but I think it was in the tens of thousands of dollars. I guess that's the sort of thing that real audiophiles would buy. To each their own, I guess.

Oh, speaking of movies. If you ever want to know what movies are playing in your area, go to movies.com. If you type in your zip code, it will list local theaters and what films are showing when. It's probably a product of over-corporatization of the film industry, but it's also very convenient.

I'm toying with switching to DSL so that I could have a web server at home. I'll probably poke around with the idea if the phone company lifts the $250 installer fee. I'd just as soon do my own network setup, thank you very much. Part of what I'd like to do is have a server at home and run my blog on slashcode. That way, I could have different sub-pages for different topics. People who are here interested in airplanes probably don't care about computer stuff that I'm doing, and vice versa.

Right. Laundry to fold.