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character immortality

2005 August 11 09:09

Apparently, it's become the new thing for an author to offer an auction on an upcoming book, the winner of which will get to name a character in the work, or perhaps a description. The ones I've seen donate the proceeds to charity. Hmm...what will they think of next.

I'm in the process of capturing my video from Oshkosh. I'm pleased to report that connecting to the camera worked with the raw1394 module in the Linux kernel right out of the box. I am using a program called Kino to do the capturing. I'm capturing to digital video at the moment, which works Ok, but it's very voluminous. The bandwidth is too high to stream over a 100baseT network, and the hard drive on my laptop (the only machine in the house with a firewire port) isn't doesn't have the space to capture a whole tape (200 MB per minute of video). So I need to figure out some way to stage it.

And I'm working on setting up movable type on my website. Until I get that up and running, I'm feeling a little bit like Charles Babbage (once I finish it, it'll be really cool, but I'm not doing anything now). *sigh*--one of my failings.