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save early, save often

2006 February 16 23:11

I know I need to back up. I know better than to let files sit around on only one hard drive. From time to time I get lazy about it.

So last year I'd pulled all my new files onto a relatively new hard drive, and from there was intending to burn the files onto DVD-Rs so that I would have copies in the safety deposit box and so on. Well...I didn't get to it. And then the hard drive, which shouldn't have, started to inexplicably fail. I bought another hard drive, but it took me a while to get it installed in the machine. I am in the process of writing some of my Oshkosh trips, and to do that I wanted to have all the movies backed up and everything, but then the old machine wouldn't burn DVDs (I think because of the hard drive problems).

So here the computer is, pulling files off the old drive at a mad pace. Recently was the first time that I've had a dedicated computer table, and doing this work was really nice because I had a place to set that up and I could leave it if I didn't finish. That way I can still use the machine but sit and log into it too.