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a single step

2006 November 30 19:17

Last week I flew my first two dual cross country flights. Nothing too bad; my biggest problem is that I have trouble spotting airports. I think on every single landing, I had to steeply descend because I hadn't seen the airport soon enough.

The plan is that this coming Saturday we're going to go on what will be our last dual cross country. After that I think I do one solo. I think that will be the first time I really feel like a pilot. My friend Jen said that her first dual cross country was definitely the most nerve-wracking time in her training.

just fix the **** thing, leave my private life out of this

2006 November 30 19:12

I'm finally firmly in the putting together stage. I got the engine-to-body seal in to the Beetle last night. So the thing that I noticed immediately upon inspecting the car (the rotting seal) is now fixed. Now I just have to get it running again.

I'm just about to head out to put in the tin at the front of the engine; after that I need to start working on the fan shroud. That's the part I'm dreading, and I won't be able to put it off much longer if I want the car running soon.

This post is also to make sure that the new blogger stuff is working Ok.

template changes from TYS

2006 November 12 12:22

The Hilton hotel at McGhee-Tyson (Knoxville) is close enough to pull in wireless. I'm updating my blogger settings.

Hope this works.