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keeping on pegging away

2008 March 07 01:59

The weather this weekend is going to be really horrid and cold, so I took the chance to work on my beetle this evening. While I was cleaning I ran into the box where I keep the paint and surface stuff. I decided to try a couple out.

First of all, I've been working recently to get mores tuff up on the pegboard on the wall. Here's what it looks like today

and one blurry photo of when I put the workbench in almost two years ago

I tried the chrome polish and rust remover

It is applied more or less like car wax. The change wasn't as dramatic as I would have expected, but it definitely made it brighter. This is the front left headlight shroud before using the polish,

and after

The thing I thought about most was rust. The brake backing plate on the front left looks like it has some penetration rust, so I thought I'd buy a couple of new ones. I can't find them anywhere. So I'll want to be preserving the ones I have very carefully. First I took the backing plate off the left front spindle:

Here you can really see the pockets of rust:

I bought some stuff to treat rust that dissolves it into a surface that you can then paint. So I'm trying it out on the right rear brake drum, which has been decomissioned:

Here's the drum after applying the rust remover: It'll be interesting to see what it looks like tomorrow.

Oh, and as soon as I'm done messing about with brake plates, I'll be installing new brake slave cylinders: