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clean before dirty

2008 March 08 01:00

That rust stuff is great! Here's what the brake drum looks like after having the rust dissolver on it over night:

HOWEVER...I'm going to need to be a little careful when applying it to parts that have a precise fit. Looking at the back side of the brake drum, some of the stuff dripped through the bolt hole:

and now the lug bolt won't go into the hole. Since the brake plates have at least a couple precision fit surfaces, I need to be very careful about putting that stuff on them.

I thoroughly cleaned all the wheel parts for the right side of the car tonight, and they're drying in front of a fan.

With a little luck, I'll be able to have the wheels on the right side of the car tomorrow. That will depend on the temperature and whether it's miserable to work in the garage.

Why did I buy a cake decorating kit at the store today?

Tune in tomorrow and find out.