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one brick

2008 March 10 00:04

At long last, all the bearing parts for the right side of my beetle are clean and ready to install (except the brake plates; I'll need to figure those out next).

The axle bearing chamber in the diagonal arm before cleaning out the old grease.

After cleaning it out

Ball bearing clean and ready to be greased

Cake decorator loaded up with wheel bearing grease to lubricate the bearings.

Which is a great idea...except that this cake decorating bag split open with almost no pressure. Argh!

The ball bearing after I greased it the old-fashioned way.

Driving the ball bearing into place

All the way in:

Don't forget the securing circlip:

Cake decorator grease dispenser take two. Hopefully this one is stronger. I'm using the tip from take one, because I think the long nozzle will be ideal for getting grease into the reservoir in the diagonal arm.