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The great unpacking

2008 April 26 09:56

I'm back. Back home after a full month on the road. I drove out of here March 26 and first set foot back late yesterday evening.

My itinerary was:

Oy. Or perhaps uff-da.

I frankly overpacked, because I didn't realize I was going to have laundry facilities available...and then I went shoppig for gifts right before I left Edinburgh. My plan had been to send stuff back...and then I found out how much that cost. I shifted plans and bought a second suitcase, because I was in the magic window before May 5 when airlines will start charging more for the second suitcase.

And having had four different stops, and shifting stuff around, I have a whole car's worth of bags and suitcases and stuff to unpack. I'm notoriously bad about unpacking, and with this magnitude of stuff I could easily stretch this out three weeks, so I want to get on it today.

The to-do list for today: unload car the rest of the way unpack sort mail pay bills grease car door hinges

And my work schedule has a rare bubble in it, with a paper submission deadline this coming Wednesday. I'm in the very rare position that the most important thing I have to do between now and Wednesday is write code and write a paper about it. Good times, good times. "I love it when a plan comes together".

at an undislosed location

2008 April 13 07:17

I'm not dead.

I'm in an undisclosed location. Here's my computing rig at the moment:

It's Sunday, a little after noon. This afternoon, I have three major projects that I really need to get done or the next week is going to be intolerable. Sort of a do-or-die situation.

I'm living the closest thing that one can get to the cliche of the student who goes off to the remote mountain to study under the great master of his art, the sort of Luke-goes-to-Dagobah situation. Things will return to normal in slightly under two weeks, where I have wheel bearings to (still) re-pack.

With any luck, the genomes will be being conjured (or at least compared) here soon. Oh, here's one other hint as to where I am: