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transportation differences

2011 July 18 23:21

I'm used to driving my New Beetle around. However, in our recent trip to northern Minnesota, we drove the Taurus, which is mostly my wife's car. It hauls a lot more, so it was the right car for this trip, but it was slightly odd to be driving it so much over a couple of weeks. So in commemoration of how well that trip went, here was my happy place at the wheel of the taurus:

I got to go sailing again for the first time in...what might have been over 10 years. I sailed to the island in the middle of the lake where there's a sandy beach. This view has the boat I saidled there in (with sail furled). The view is back along the route I took. My Uncle's cabin, my home base, is just around the corner of the shore where the green arrow indicates.