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All 3 together

2012 January 04 22:56

And now for something compeletely different. Christmas is the one time of the year when we're away from home in a big block, and I think the cats really do miss us. They tend to be a bit more clingy for the first week when we get back. I have a few nice photos of them here that I took in the last few days. It's not the usual topic here but they're so cute.

A very rare picture of the three of them. Pangur up on the back, Thrice on the afghan and Jasper on the right.

We got some actual snow on Monday. Here's Thrice looking out at it. She's facinated by anything that moves, and the wind was blowing stuff around the deck pretty well.

A semi-typical evening lately. Thrice (foreground) and Pangur (near my feet) curled up and resting. Thrice is now roughly five years old, and she's turning into quite a lap cat.

A minor fix-it triumph. The button for the garage door opener for the far side (vintage Beetle) door broke a few months ago. I finally remembered to get a replacement button. This is actually a doorbell button, and doesn't have a light in it, but it works to open the door.

(A note to myself--the garage door openers put about 8.5V DC on the wires going to the button, so they are indeed compatible with door-bell style buttons.)

Defrost in the Beetle

2012 January 01 23:47

I've been really busy at work for the last part of 2011, but I have been moving forward on getting the defrost installed:

The vent is taped to the air circulation box at the right. The three defrost hoses are installed here. The hose to the center defrost vent is makred with magenta dots. The yellow dots are the hose to the main right side vent (that I just installed). The green dots show the white hose that go to the side defrost vent.

Looking down into the A pillar:

with all the hoses hooked up, you really can't see the splitter.

New year's resolutions? I have a few. I may articulate them here at some point. I plan to organize my stuff in the house much better. Happy New Year, everyone!