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Long 2015 annual (supplemental)

2016 December 19 08:42

A few photos taken in and around the time of the long annual. The cats looking resplendant.

And again.

Also during this time, we were gearing up for a big project that went over the summer through the fall. We'd been thinking about adopting a child internationally, and this spring we got serious about it. It involves a LOT of paperwork and scanning and stuff, so here I'm doing that.

Among the various paperwork required are statements about your household and asseets, so I took an artsy photo of the house,

and had to go to the local police station to get fingerprinted (slightly odd).

One other thing: While I was at the parent-in-law's that spring, I went to the regional battery store and got a proper battery for their generator. It's shown here, installed.

This brings the chronology up to May 10, 2015.