With Wings As Eagles: Car/Mechanical Entries

I took the plunge

2018 May 09 07:39

I talked in this post about wanting to get a Hyundia Accent as my next car. I still liked the VW (New) Beetle fine, but I haven't been really excited about it in years. The air bag light came on and stayed on recently. And I had a couple of stressful days about things that I couldn't do anything about. So I decided that was the day to go swap out cars. I searched for a Hyundai Accent with cruise control, and came up with one. So we went and bought it and swapped cars out.

Here's the last Beetle odometer reading when we traded it in at the dealer:

and the new(er) Accent at startup:

And parked at our house:

It has a real live key to start, and the only genuine "ACC" position on a key cylinder that I've seen in a modern car in a very long time!

It has a built-in satellite radio, which I got configured on Saturday:

which is nice in that there's many fewer wires around than I had in the beetle.

Here's my view driving. I do still have the power wire for the dash GPS navigator.

I worked on a couple other infrastructure problems this week. I've had a ink stamp that I've used for putting our return address on things since we moved here. I got a new ink pad recently, but I also needed to replace a couple of the characters. I do that, and I also wanted to create a place to hang up the stanp. I decided to do that, and then 15 minutes later, I had one made out of double-headed nails and a piece of scrap wood:

which now sits at the desk where I pay bills.

And I'm going to try to carve out the time to put the vintage Beetle back together and get it running. On Monday I used over cleaner to clean some of the carbon off the cylinder heads:

(I forgot to take an "after" photo.)

And I've been getting all the engine pieces together in the garage. Here is Pangur, inspecting my work:

In the foreground you can see the freshly reground crankshaft and the new camshaft. In the background, engine mount sets, seals, hardware, and way at the back the clutch.