With Wings As Eagles: Photography/Darkroom/Movie Entries

Airplane photos after all

2011 August 04 01:00

I mostly visited vendors I was interested in and stuff like that at Oshkosh, and I didn't walk the flight line looking at pretty airplanes hardly at all. But one thing I did do is take a look at "Fifi", the only B-29 currently flying.

On the drive back from Oshkosh to Illinois, I got to see a tow airplane towing a glider aloft. I got a great view of it, but this is the only photograph of the event that I got. My phone camera (the only one I could get to easily) kept focusing on the windshield.

Start the push with some (sky)writing...

2011 August 01 21:52

The blog software is working (mostly). I don't have the sub-blogs linked from the main page I just realized; I'll have to take care of that soon.

I've made this goal before, but I'll make it again. Now that I have a basically-functional blog, I'm going to post every day here for a month. I won't always have photos, but at least every couple of days have something pretty to look at.

I went to the Airventure Oshkosh airshow Saturday and part of Sunday. It was cool, what I saw. I ended up not walking around and looking at planes very much because I had specific things to do and people to talk to. So I didn't take very many photos.

One I did was some sky writing that was going on. My mother once said that "skywriting" didn't actually write, they generally just did circles. This was probably in response to something in a children's book that had an airplane producing perfectly ligible writing. This writing isn't as good as if you printed it, but it's pretty good considering it's smoke suspended in the air and is at the mercy of wind.

Here the airplane is just finishing the "G" in "Oregon", which is a pretty long letter to write on a windy day, particularly when the "E" has 4 separate segements. Most of the time when I take pictures of stuff at Oshkosh, it tends to be of specks which are too far away to see clearly. Most of the time I want more zoom on my camera. This is one of the very very first times I've wanted a wider-angle lens at Oshkosh.