With Wings As Eagles: Photography/Darkroom/Movie Entries

Never Done That Before

2012 April 24 07:50

I took a work trip to Pittsburgh, PA last week. It was for a computer training seminar, so I spent it indoors without much chance to take photos.

I noticed a rather odd thing driving up. All the way across eastern Ohio, there are signs for the city of "Wheeling", which is a small-ish city on the east end of I-70 within Ohio. Just across the border into Pennsyvania is the Pittsburgh metro area, which is much larger and would make a much more logical choice for "this highway to" signs. I presume some Ohio administrator decided at some point that they didn't want to point people to a city in aother state, no matter how large or prominent.

It was a rather dreary cloudy day, so my phone camera wasn't coping very well with the low light. That coupled with the fact that take these photos use-the-force point-and-shoot style meant that I didn't get very many usable photos at all. Here are a couple from the drive up:

My purpose for this post is this photo. I'm told this buildin in central Pittsburgh is called "The Cathedral of Learning"; I think it's a building in the University of Pittsburgh. It's really quite something. I hope I get a chance to go inside sometime.