With Wings As Eagles: Photography/Darkroom/Movie Entries

Something Completely Different

2012 June 03 22:46

I've had a very very nice relaxing week at home with DW, catching up on cleaning and errands around the house. In fact, this post will have nothing to do with airplanes or Volkswagens at all.

We re-arranged end-tables. We moved one of the book end-tables from the main floor to the bedroom to use as a nightstant, and the existing nightstand I set up as a table by the recliner that I sit in.

Along with a bunch of general tidying and putting away, and setting up this table, I now have a place for a bunch of stuff that used to sort of float around the TV room, like chargers and cables and things.

I also hung up some of my photography.

(I'd meant to anway, but that got them out of the way. :-) )

This is a neat part of photos. These were taken looking at Kingston Pike in Knoxville. One photo is taken follinwg a moving car; the car is clear but the background is blurry. The other is taken camera stationary, so the moving cars are blurry.

This was a great set of photos. I took a bunch of pics of a spider web out on the deck very early in the morning, with the dew clinging to the web and making it stand out wonderfully. Here's probably the best of the lot.