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Early 2015 summary 2 of 2

2015 December 27 09:14

The rest of the stuff from early 2015.

The three cats enjoying the snowy view. It was really really cold in February:

February was the first big round of adoption paperwork. I sent the first application packet with a commemorative inverted-Jenny stamp. I figured we could use all the luck we could get (so far it's paid off; things are going well).

Again, cold while driving.

And snow coming down. I highlighted a couple of big flake clusters with arrows.

One step back. We managed to leave a hose on the front spigot, and the cold weather froze the tap, and the valve had a crack in it when it was open. Here's before:

And after:

(As of this writing, December 27, the outside tape is still broken. Argh.)

Oooh--another technical success. And this one I did once and is finished! I replaced the plug on the vacuum cleaner:

And one final photo of Pangur and Thrice watching the snow.