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The matter of Electronic Flight Bags

2012 February 08 22:56

I went on a trip to the Mooney Airplane and Pilot's Association conference in October. In addition to attending the conference, meeting lots of new people, and soaking in a lot of great information about generaal aviation and Mooneys, I had offered to put on a seminar about electronic flight bags. I recruited people who were goin to be at the convention to present, and I had a camera showing what was on their tablet sitting on the podium as they talked.

I had expected that most people in the room would be wary of the idea of electronic charts, and so I structured the talks to try to sell the idea of EFBs rather than a specific application. It turned out that far more people wanted to know which one to get--I was astonished.

Here are a couple of the presetations that I got mediocre shots of with my phone camera:

Thanks to everyone who did a presentation!