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Oshkosh 2013 part 2 of 4

2013 September 15 12:15

Ok, finally time to depart to Oshkosh. Early Sunday morning. Here's the end of the route:

North through Illinois, then curve west to fly to the city of Ripon to start the VFR arrival procedure. By the way, it was GREAT to have the NOTAM stored in the documents folder in Foreflight.

Once under way, I realized I was going to tangle with a bit of weather.

The colored blocks are AIRMETs, which are areas of meteorological warnings. The grey one is IFR.

I also realized my course was going to cross throguh some rain, so I diverted a bit farther west.

Having diverted around the precip, I was noticing that the ceilings (green and blue boxes) ahead of me were getting pretty low, so I stopped and took a look at things at Rockford, Illinois.

I waited an hour and a half, at which point the weather seemed to be getting better rather than worse, so I headed out again. Things were mostly better, so I continued on into Oshkosh.

I don't have any photos of the last part of the flight; I was a single pilot, doing it for the first time, and so I was kinda busy. I hope someday I can have a movie camera in the plane taking footage when I go.