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This is it! This is the sign!

2006 June 30 08:12

We're moving in less than three weeks. Yikes!

Tasks are very quickly being triaged by whether or not this or that must be finished before moving. It's going to be a very busy couple of weeks.

We went to Kentucky to close on our new house a couple of weeks ago. The first time we drive down to the area was for the job interview. Then we didn't know the area and as we drove south on I-75 from Lexington we were looking for the sign for state road 25E. I was slightly startled this sign as the first sign you see for that highway--it's sort of an exit sign, but STOP-sign red.

I fully intend to start taking flying lessons almost as soon as we're moved to the new place. Middlesboro doesn't have training or rentals, so most likely I'll be flying out of New Tazewell or Morristown.

you will never find a more wreched hive...

2006 June 18 06:35

[I don't want to complete the quote, since I have nothing against Oklahoma.]

The FAA recently certified Clinton-Sherman airport in Oklahoma to be a spaceport. I'm not sure what the qualifications are, or what the implications are, but it means that there will be a spaceport that's available to land to the general public relatively close to our new place. If I get the chance, it will be fun to land there sometime.

A source of links about this topic seems to be the spacelawprobe blog. I shall be checking that out. Among other things, it links to a map of proposed spaceports.

Apparently the person/agency in charge of this stuff is the AST (S-T is for Space Tourism). There will be more discussion of that here in the future.